Release Notes

NiKom v2.6

NiKom v2.6 has been released and can be downloaded from Here is what is new in this release.

For users

List Active

A new command “List Active” (“Lista Aktiva” in Swedish) will show what forums that have been the most active lately. By default it will show the 100 latest texts like this.

(See) time --> List Active

17   General discussions
42 * Dinner plans
41   Covid-19 pastimes

The star indicates a forum that you are not a member of (but have the permissions to become a member of) so you can find active forums you might want to check out.
You can also provide an argument to the command with the number of texts you want to include in the list.

(See) time --> List Active 50

Go, no membership

If you tried to “Go” to a forum you were not a member of NiKom used to ask you if you wanted to become a member of that forum. It doesn’t do that anymore since that was a loophole to become member of forums when you didn’t have permissions to execute the “Member” command.

Changing subject

Previously changing the subject of a text you were writing only worked for local texts, not Fido texts. Now it works for both.

Quoting the right text

When commenting a Fido text specifying an explicit text number (as opposed to commenting the latest read text) and trying to quote that text would quote the latest read text instead of the text you were actually commenting. This is now fixed so the correct text is quoted.

Character set passthrough

When reading a Fido text that is written in the same character set as your terminal is using all character set conversion will be skipped and it will display the text in its original character set. This is especially useful for texts written in UTF-8 as they will now be displayed with the full Unicode character set.

Skip subject

The “Skip Subject” command (“Hoppa Ă„rende”) used to only work for local forums. Now it works for Fido forums as well.

Subject “Re:” prefix

When commenting a Fido text NiKom used to prefix the subject line with “Re:”. After concluding that NiKom seemed to be the only Fido client in the world that does this, it has been removed.

For sysops

  • When a user likes or dislikes a text this will be logged to Usage.log.
  • When NiKServer has problems reading a config file it will now print out the number of the problematic line.

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